Beyond the Light

I am a survivor of domestic violence. My life's mission is to spread awareness of this horrific epidemic that continues to plague our communities. I encourage each, and every one of you to break the silence. Let your story inspire others; let your voice be heard, and remind others that they, too have a voice! Individually, we are powerful, yet united, we are unstoppable! Let us break the shackles together... Let us be silent no more!


The dawn is just over the horizon.  It is a new day, full of new possibilities.  Your current circumstance is not your life sentence.  Your past does not define your present, and it does not dictate what your future holds.  You have the power.  You have the power to break free from this bondage.  Inside of you is a hero waiting to be discovered.  Inside of you is someone truly phenomenal.  Are you ready to get acquainted with this very special person?


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